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Our story

The Nàdarra story

Nàdarra means "natural”. Anchored in the belief that nature holds the key to transformative solutions and created out of industry demand, NPC Ventures has evolved into a trailblazer for sustainable growth. Meet Nàdarra Ventures, a reimagined Canadian early-stage venture capital fund focused on accelerating sustainable biotechnology in the areas of agriculture, food, and materials, with a mission to help people, animals, and the planet.

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Our advantage - a unique fund in Canada

Nàdarra Ventures offers investors exclusive participation in Canada’s only early-stage agricultural biotechnology-focused portfolio.

Experienced Team Lead

 A partnership with the right balance of global entrepreneurial and investment management experience, with physical coast-to-coast coverage, Nàdarra’s Management Team has extensive experience raising capital, managing investments (>$1B of AUM), and achieving successful exits of companies of all stages and sizes across agriculture, life sciences, and technology.

Nation-Wide Coverage and Proprietary Deal-flow

Nàdarra is fortunate to have access to a pre-vetted pipeline of the most exclusive candidates for investment across Canada through our exclusive relationship with Natural Products Canada (NPC). NPC has national coverage with 10 on-the-ground individuals with access to emerging technologies and non-dilutive funding that enables Nàdarra’s deal-flow to be technologically derisked further than other early-stage funds. 

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Market Demand

The world needs sustainable agricultural biotechnology now more than ever. Since 2014, global sustainable and environmentally responsible investment is up 68 percent and now tops USD 30 trillion, according to McKinsey. Each investment is embedded in sustainability but driven by returns, we use consumer and investor demand as our compass to identify the best targets for multinational corporations actively looking for novel, natural inputs that have positive impacts on our health and environment for their offerings.

Our commitment

We are committed to your vision as a founder, we are looking for big, bold ideas.

We are committed to Canada being a global leader in bio innovation and commercialization.

We are committed to offering investors a focused, globally impactful, return driven portfolio.

We are committed to measured global impacts on the health of our population and planet. 

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